In collaboration with our head office (MURC), MURCI has been engaged in official technical and financial cooperation projects being financed by Japanese official development assistance (ODA). MURCI, being a local entity, is able to network with local universities and other consultants in order to provide research, advice and consulting services in line with policy and regulation of Indonesian government. MURCI has provided services to various Indonesian government organizations including National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of National Education , Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Trade and Coordinating Minister Office for Economy (Ekuin).

Our Experiences

  • Budget reform and evaluation capacity building
  • Budget and Plannng system improvement
  • Education sector study
  • Post evaluation Public Finance Project
  • Social Security Studies
  • Tax and Tariff Survey
  • One village one product study
  • Oil recycle business study
  • Forecast Reservation (REDD) project
  • Post evaluation of JICA project
  • Joint credit mechanism project
  • Bappenas budget planning capacity development project
  • Industrial waste water treatment project
  • Green house gas inventory survey
  • Bio diesel study
  • Water recyle study
  • Ethipia terminal evaluation
  • Unfair trade practice study
  • BOP study
  • Ethiopia budget formation capacity building review
  • Precious metal recycling study
  • Oil down stream industry study
  • EU trade administration capacity enhancement project preparation
  • Water ecyling market study
  • Trade administration capacity building project
  • Japan Indonesia EPA Project preparation
  • Marine fuel oil stud


Budget Reform and Evaluation Capacity Building

In order to maintain its fical discipline and more effective use of state budget, Indonesia government is in the process of applying performance-based budgeting (PBB) under medium-term expanditure framework (MTEF). This project aims to increase the capacity of the government, Ministry of Palnning (BAPPENAS) and Ministry of Finance (MOF) in implementation of PBB at central government level.

The project is technical cooperation financial by Japanese government through Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA). JICA made contract Mistsubshi UFJ Research and Consulting (MURC) and major part of this project is conducted at MURCI, with Mr. Hidekazu Tanaka as a Team Leader with three other consultant members of MURC. The project period started in 2010, for three year period.

Impact and Advantages:
Under the current fiscal situation of Indonesian government, where annual budget is increasing more than 10%, advantage of PBB application is to provide a tool to control less effective use of state financial resources. Its impact will be redirected to entire part of the central government and indirectly to local government