By utilizing accumulated experience of the head office, MURC, Murci provides custom-made solution and survey including business strategy development, HR system development, partner finding/negotiation support, organization restructuring, and employee training by adjusting laws and regulation of indonesia as well as client (foreign companies) philosophy and practices.

Our Experiences

  • Total HR system review and consultation.
  • Remuneration system reform (performance-based, skill-based, experience-based, complex system).
  • Grade system reform (job-based, broadbrad style, Dual/ ladder system).
  • Appraisal system development assistance (performance-based, competency-based)
  • Job description Preparation
  • Job Evaluation
  • Global Hr System Building
  • Pre and Post Merger Integration On HR System
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey


  • Training need assessment
  • Manager Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Appraiser Training
  • Problem Solving
  • Corporate Philosophy Training
  • Business Communication Training

Business Strategy Development

  • Management Advisory
  • Country Risk Report
  • Investment Advisory
  • Retailer and food manufacturer business matching
  • Organizational reform based on management strategy (profit center approach, simplification of reporting line).

Organization restructuring

  • Company reorganization advisory

Partner finding

  • Tax Committee Advisory
  • Tarif committee Advisory

Clients Industry

  • Finance
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Water Engineering
  • Energy
  • Service
  • Food
  • Tax


Comprehensive Review and Redesign of Competency based HR Sytem

Situation :
One of large consumer finance companies challenged by other competitors in frequesnt headhunting of staffs. In order to retain competent staffs for a longer term, the company decided to review the entire HR Sytem.

MURCI conducted the consultation with following steps.

  1. Implementation of “Employee Satisfaction Survey” to find out prioritized HR issues.
  2. Focus on a few prioritized HR issues and make a blueprint of total HR system.
  3. Review and rebuild a salary and allowance system.
  4. Review the evaluation system and give advice on improvement.
  5. Conduct a job evaluation for selected departments.

Impact and Advantage:
The entire review od HR system and some reforms, particularly salary system, made the client company possible to treat competent staffs with better, but fair rewards. In addition, some reforms and reviews conducted for the evalation system and the job evaluation deepen the awarenes of the client about how important to fairly treat staffs and its effect.