In order to support our client companies, MURCI provides investigation service and information collection of local market situation and regulatory environtment for potential investor and assist business collaboration with Indonesian companies. Our main target is to bridge Japanese and Indonesian private sectors to create new ventures utilizing technical, managerial, and marketing expertise from Japan

MURCI also provides customized market survey for each client. Understanding accurate market conditions and trend is a key process for successful new ventures and expanding business in the growing Indonesian market. Due to limited availability of reliable market information and data, the demand for market survey for particular needs of foreign clients is increasing.

The contents includes market size, main players and their market share, user and consumer surveys and foreign investment regulations on the business sub-sector targeted, and compiled into a for of report. In addition, market analysis based on collected data and information can be conducted for recommendations to the clients on request.

Our Experiences

Company Investigation

  • Electronics retail industry company investigation
  • Construction industry company investigation
  • Mining industry company investigation
  • Automobile parts industry company investigation
  • Investment holding Industry company investigation
  • Education Industry company investigation
  • Cosmetic Industry company investigation
  • Gas supplier Industry Medical Equipment company investigation

Market Survey

  • Country risk study for 2 countries
  • Asean and Indonesia Standardization Survey
  • Construction business visit survey
  • Internet regulation survey
  • Taxation system survey
  • Japanese restaurant in Jakarta survey
  • Indonesia shopping mall license survey
  • Halal survey
  • Distribution structure survey
  • Auto market, transportation, electric home appliance, food distribution, apparel and garment, medical equipment survey, and many more.

Clients Industry

  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Nature resources
  • Real Estate
  • Distributor
  • Entertaintment
  • Office equipment
  • Trade and investment
  • Transportation
  • IT
  • Tax
  • Medical
  • Food
  • Service
  • And many more


Company Investigation

Prototype of Contents:

  1. Company Details
    • Registered name and address
    • Type of business
    • Production capacity
    • Number of employee
    • Date of establishment
    • Legal form
    • Total investment
  2. Registration and permit details from Department of Justice and Department of Finance
  3. Capitalization
    • Authorized capital
    • Issued capital
    • Paid up capital
  1. Shareholders
  2. Board of Commisioner
  3. Bankers
  4. Business and organization
  5. Operations
  6. Managemet team
  7. Financial aspects
  8. Legal action
  9. Economy outlook
  10. Sectoral outlook


Medical Testing Instrument Survey

In Indonesia, the market of medical testing instrument such as MRI, CT Scan and X-Ray inspection apparatus is considered highly potential for further expansian in near future. Given the significant difference in medical institutions and services between Japan and Indonesia, a Japanese medical testing instrument manufacturing company decided to gather detail information about actual usage situation of relevant instruments in Indonesian hospitals by region. For this purpose, the company appointed MURCI to conduct the survey.

In this survey, MURCI dispatched surveyors to hospitals in major cities of Java and Sumatera islands in order to finding out kinds of medical testing instrument each hospitals owns and the usage frequency. By conductng a direct interview with prepared questionare, MURCI was able to gather thorough quantitative and qualitative data about Indonesian medical testing instrument market.

Impact and Advantage:
All data were collected from approximately 140 hospitals in Indonesia. Its simple and cross tabulation analysis results were presented two final reports (English). The report contains number of bed, wheter each hospital has relevant instruments or not, usage of frequency of the instruments, manufacturer of the instruments, purchasing process, brand image of medical service workers, evauation of agencies and so on.